Phuket Airport to Chalong

Until the present time, Phuket gradually unfolds its mysterious beauty especially in the aquatic tracks attracting more and more sea lovers to witness annually. Filled with alertness and anticipation in better welcoming people from around this globe, Phuket is rapidly developed so much to suit all needs that most of visitors may have. Nowadays, the island is lined with real warmth of Thai hospitality, varied accommodations for meeting every level of budget, interesting destinations ideally and widely located on the land, good places to have a meal and sip some drink specialties, and useful information for every tourist. You will certainly create a memory to be treasured here. In the eastern part of the island, a plot of Chalong is prominent worth introducing to everybody since there are popular venues and awesome places positioned around. After making a trusted transfer reservation for a route starting from Phuket airport to Chalong or anywhere you would like to reach as you have already planned ahead for your vacation in this alluring Phuket area, you will discover yourself quite comfortable and not worried about airport transportation while all the things to do have been set up; Phuket airport transfer organized by Best Vista is one of agreeable and prompt services among transfer providers in Phuket.

Airport Transfer
Phuket Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)  
(1-2 Pax)
(3-4 Pax)
(4-6 Pax)
(7-10 Pax)
Chalong  popular taxi 729.- 829.- 929.- 999.-
Nai Harn Beach  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 999.-
Patong Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Karon Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Kata Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Phuket Town 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Rawai 799.- 899.- 999.- 1,050.-
Panwa  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,050.- 1,200.-
Rassada Pier 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-

Sitting comfortably in Phuket taxi heading straight for Chalong Temple where encompasses peaceful construction in authentic Thai patterns and continuous flow of faithful followers of Buddhism coming to worship revered statue inside monastery, you can take longer moment to absorb its plausible calmness. Next, a must-see landmark of this pulsating island is the Big Buddha Phuket or well-known in Thai language as Phra Phutthamingmongkhon Eknakkhiri, an image outstandingly sits on the highest point of Nakkoet Hill. Each day, a flock of visitors both Thais and foreigners come to admire its real delicate beauty and praise a bottom space with constructions, green sites, and some sea area in gently breezy environs producing pleasantly calm feeling when having a great sight of surrounding land. In Thailand, when you visit sacred religious venues, it is vital to note that it is a must to dress modestly and properly as a normal practice for everyone who enters this kind of venue. With fuss-free stay in every space of Chalong, for sure, Phuket Botanic Garden invites you to have a special touch of indigenous and colorful plants arranged in very perfect way valued for sightseeing and walking around to take much more photos. Served by Best Vista, taxi Phuket will take you to Phuket Bird Park where exhibits a large number of bird species and operates some amazing bird performances for little ones and adults alike; this is usually a focal point to get near the nature and have fun in daytime. Don’t miss to visit Chalong Bay and let a soft wind waft scent of sea for you to breathe in. Although this bay is not quite prestige one for tourists, a rarely seen vista can be experience. As a hub of boating pursuits, it is actually busy whole day to supplying day trips offshore to other faraway islands. So, you can reward yourself more with visiting other islands beginning at a pier situated here. In addition, a limitless number of restaurants unveil robust tastes of Thai and international cuisine and freshness bounty of daily caught sea creatures, therefore just spend time for eating greatest comestibles in excitedly different way, sitting back, winding down, and much enjoying making new friends when having nice drinks at bars. Rather than having a sight on each destination, you can enjoy various kinds of activities provided in Chalong such as Thai cooking class, Thai boxing, fishing, golfing, massaging, cruising, and elephant trekking.

With long period of arranging transfer in sophisticated way, our affable and friendly Best Vista team is, at all times, ready to professionally organize immaculate taxis and also airport transfers phuket to achieve good standards. In a short space of time, we will give you a quick response to your questions and provide some beneficial information or helps when you are in need. As always and forever, we hope you will be totally effervescent to traveling around this beyond-fabulous Chalong area during your relaxing time.