Phuket Airport to Mai Khao

Any days of the year, you should take some days to fulfill dream vacation and travel desiray once. Reward yourself with traveling together with family or loved ones and right here southern Thailand is highly recommended for you. Encompassing intense varietal characters and plenty choice of visitor facilities, Phuket offers a friendly and pleasant stay throughout your time. Its splash of local colors can make you ablaze with excitement to discover more. You may be the one that would like to indulge yourself in your own space with private trip around the island. No problem! Phuket tour providers can certainly organize what tour program you have in mind. Simply seek advice from Best Vista and your trip will be successful from the beginning. Today, one of Phuket areas will be advised to you, Maikhao! Not far from the airport, it is a real place to acquire the best tranquility for everyone who has a passion about privacy and true leisure time.

Airport Transfer
Phuket Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)  
(1-2 Pax)
(3-4 Pax)
(4-6 Pax)
(7-10 Pax)
Mai Khao Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Chalong 729.- 829.- 929.- 999.-
Nai Harn Beach  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 999.-
Patong Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Karon Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Kata Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Rawai 799.- 899.- 999.- 1,050.-
Panwa  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,050.- 1,200.-
Rassada Pier 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-

After having a car ride from Phuket airport to Mai Khao, the first place you should not fail to visit is Maikhao Beach with a strip distance of 10 kilometers, lying in the northwest part of Phuket Island. Most of its area is a part of Sirinat National Park and the beach is so peaceful creating great impression of visitors. A highlight is egg laying of sea turtles on this beach and a hotspot for sunset viewing. In Maikhao area, there are many great local products to offer visitors such as handmade woven basket, fragrant soap, balm, painted T-shirt, dried shrimps, batik clothing, and processed food. Just take some of them as gifts to give to others at your hometown. Traveling with taxis, Maikhao Temple can be accessible since it is very close to the airport and there is a careless atmosphere to have sightseeing around for its glamorous architecture. To get an opportunity for visiting uncrowded space at Saikaeo Beach can be achieved properly. Next to Maikhao Beach and being in the northern side of Phuket Island, Saikaeo Beach is located with a beach length of 3 kilometers encircled by sea wonders and quiet ambience. Please note this beach is not suitable for swimming as it features a steep slope from water surface; it is nice for comfortably sitting on the beach for a fine relaxation or having a picnic with family and friends. To gain more memorable moment, an engaging Sarasin Bridge linked the island to Phang Nga province’s mainland is another tourist attraction in Phuket to experience sunset, sunrise, and slight sea breeze; and you may take a short stroll to take some photos here while enjoying its construction’s beauty surrounding you. Nearby, there are many roadside shops selling local food and unique items made by the residents. With Phuket airport transfer, you can go to interesting places in this charming area. Reflecting a concept of a cultural melting pot and local values, Phuket Gateway is beautifully built in contemporary architecture as public space and living room perfectly designed for welcoming visitors from other places including tourist information center with lists of unrivalled destinations, restaurants, and hotels; mini theater to view video telling facts about Phuket; relaxing corner to have some tea or coffee; and souvenir shops.

As a travel expert, Best Vista can definitely provide services relating to your travel plan in order to suit varying travel demands of anyone starting from airport transfers phuket to serve a variety of routes between airport and places you wish to have, another type of transportation tickets like ferry or speedboat, staying hotels according to your requirements and budgets, even taxis to commute you and family to many places around the island and its neighboring sites, and carefully selected Phuket tour packages to bring you to top-on-the-list tourist places. Again, if you would like to take transfer from Phuket airport to Mai Khao for your best start, our team is more than ready to arrange it for you as your scheduled time. Maikhao is somewhere you must not miss to discover what is on offer every vacation time. Any further details can be left behind soon so that our team immediately caters them for you in no time.